Jessica Clark Johnson
Asheville, NC

Jessica attended the University of North Carolina at Asheville and is currently a bridal consultant at New Morning Gallery.  You can keep up with Jessica on Instagram at 828stagram.

Courtney Laidler
Ontario, Canada

Courtney is a Public Relations Specialist from Ontario, Canada. She likes to travel, make impulsive decisions, and go on leisurely walks with her Italian Greyhound, Enzo. You can follow Courtney on Instagram at courtneydee11

Chelsea Baumann 
Minneapolis, MN

Yoga and travel expert.  Chelsea is from the Minneapolis area and attended the University of Kansas and the University of Newcastle, Australia.  You can follow Chelsea's adventures on Instagram at chelsoul and continue to follow The Cactus Tree for regular guest-posts.  

Anna Marie McKee 
Charlotte, NC

 Anna Marie grew up in Asheville, NC and has a Bachelor of Science in business management/ international finance from Clemson University.  She has lived in Charleston, SC and South Lake Tahoe, CA, though she currently resides in Charlotte, NC, pursuing a career in finance.  For more witticisms, follow Anna Marie on Twitter at @annamariemckee.  You can also find her hilarious videos on Vine by searching for Anna Marie McKee. 

Tyler McCall 
Asheville, NC 

Entrepreneur.  Blogger.  You can follow Tyler on Twitter @tylerjmccall or check out his blog, .

Lee Shorten
Canberra, Australia

Lawyer.  Writer.  Musician.  You can follow Lee on Twitter @lcshorten or check out his blog,  

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